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The Awful Truth About Television

Read this little e-book and you will never look at your television set in the same way again. Backed with scientific research, "The Awful Truth About Television" examines the manifold ways in which TV affects your weight, your family relationships, your acedemic achievements,your mental and emotional states, your community, and much more.

Slow Down & Green Up - The Beginners Guide to Downshifting

This great little guide – a Holistic Local collaboration with Downshifting pioneer Tracey Smith – has been given the seal of approval from Carl Honoré, author of the international bestseller 'In Praise of Slow - How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed'. - Written by Tracey Smith.

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Featured Articles

Kernels of Truth
The truth of kernels?
By Carl Munson

CNM Graduate: Catherine Nash
Catherine Nash had all the trappings of success – a great job as an IT consultant, a big salary and a classy company car – but she’d never been so unhappy in her life. “I was working very long hours, travelling around the country, grabbing snacks and coffees at motorway service stations,” explains Catherine. “My diet was appalling, I felt very stressed – my health was plagued with bouts of irritable bowel syndrome and thrush.”
By Lynnette Prigmore

Did the Tower of Babble Impact Language of DNA ?
Did the Tower of Babble effect human consciousness? You decide! Does DNA Activation, some occurring spontaneously, reactivate immunity, spiritual gifts and longevity???
By Beth Coleman, N.D.

Reiki Healing for the Mind, Body and Soul
Linking the physical and emotional. How stress affects the body and mind and healing the mind, body and soul with Reiki healing and other techniques.
By Andy Chrysostomou and Dawn Mellowship

Understanding Disease
This is the most significant piece you'll ever read on disease! As varied and complex as “diseases” appear to be, all disease is the result of malfunctioning cells. There is only one disease (cellular malfunction) and there are only two causes of disease: deficiency and toxicity. Cells lacking what they need or exposed to something harmful will malfunction. Unless cells malfunction, there can be no disease. Preventing or reversing disease is about preventing and reversing cellular malfunction.
By Raymond Francis, D.Sc., M.Sc., R.N.C.

wonderful oils to breathe better and fight cold weather problems
By Mikael Zayat

Culinary Herbs for Better Health.
Good health does not have to be bland and boring! Jazz up your food and your wellness status. Culinary herbs for seasoning food and herbal teas for pleasure and health. Want to know more......come into my garden of herbal knowledge.
By Bea Kunz

The affirmation, alone, concept assumes that you have had a life with functional role models, and that your past was devoid of physical, sexual, or verbal abuse. It assumes that your mind is a clean slate… free of past pain, loss, and dysfunctional experiences. According to this theory you can “PILEON” positive affirmations over a dysfunctional past and still create the reality you want. As I discovered, the “PILE IT ON” theory, alone, just doesn’t work!
By Hu Dalconzo

Adventures in Relieving Stress in Your Home
Its important to provide yourself and your family with a mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy environment. This article will show you how!
By Tracy Togliatti

Every Day Intuition
It's a New Year! 2006 is upon us. What do you wish to create? One of the most important things we can create for ourselves is a strong relationship with our intuition ~ our voice of Spirit. How does your intuition speak to and through you? There is only one right way... YOUR WAY!
By Marilu Wilson Peña, Ph.D.